Municipality of Quindici [rif. 14/2010]

Stato giuridico / Legal Status
Enti locali / Local authorities
Settore principale / Main sector
Altri settori / Other sectors
Nazione / Country
Città / Town
Provincia / Province
Indirizzo / Address
Piazza Municipio
Cap / Postal code
Referente / Contact person
Sebastiano Russo
E-mail referente / Contact person e-mail
Azione / Action
Idea di progetto / Project idea (Italiano)
The Municipality of Quindici (IT) would like to promote a citizens’ meeting project “ECoNet” to favour the discussion about the theme of “European Union as an important way to foster new opportunities for all”. This project would like to bring together European citizens, especially young people, in order to share many different activities that will be aimed:• To create new friendship and brotherhood links among European citizens participating to the project; • To encourage the mutual understanding, the dialogue and the cooperation among the citizens municipalities, civil society organisations and local entrepreneurs involved in the project in order to fosterthe wellbeing for everyone; • To reflect on the role of the young people for building the future Europe;To be aware about the richness and the beauty of the cultural environment in Europe. Main activities: working groups; workshops; seminaries; visits; intercultural events. The project will take place in Quindici on September 2010.
Altre info / More info (English)
The municipality of Quindici looks for European partners (type Municipalities) to submit the aforesaid project idea by the deadline of 1st June 2010.