A.R.S.E. Progetto Laboratorio Onlus [rif. 5/2010]

Stato giuridico / Legal Status
Enti no profit / No profit organisations
Settore principale / Main sector
Altri settori / Other sectors
Nazione / Country
Città / Town
Roma / Rome
Provincia / Province
Roma / Rome
Indirizzo / Address
Via Capraia 54
Cap / Postal code
E-mail ente / Organisation e-mail
Tel. ente / Organisation tel.
+ 39 06 51605173 - +39 3737160989
Referente / Contact person
Andrea Bruni
E-mail referente / Contact person e-mail
andreabruni13@virgilio.it - info@progettolaboratorio.org
Tel. referente / Contact person tel.
+39 37377160989
Azione / Action
Idea di progetto / Project idea (Italiano)
The project provides for adults a process dsigned to define local priorities on some established issues and, for young people, a training process focused on the reconstruction of historical memory. It aims to: promote forms of direct participation of citizens in the administrative decisions concerning the local management; bring together people and civil society organizations from different European countries and communities to foster dialogue on common issues, to share good practices and experiences and develop a sense of European identity anc collective civil action on urgent themes through democratic participation. The forecasted activities are: a) regional meetings to define local priorities focused on various topics (work, employment, income support, other economy, grren sapces, urban gardens, public spaces); b) workshops among the partners involved focused on the experiences of good practices; c) a video about the project and a book about the direct experience realized and the working proposals collected in the project.
Altre info / More info (English)
The objectives of the project are: collect citizens' opinions on some of the major European challenges for the future; explore new methodologies that promote interaction and active discussion among citizens on the issues related to the policies affecting their daily lives; create mechanisms that allow citizens to develop civic skills and formulate their opinions and views on the European integration in form of recommendations for policy makers at European level; encourage dialogue between European citizens and Community institutions, raising the citizens’ sense of responsibility as regards EU policies and their impact and ensuring that Community institutions take active action concerning citizens' opinions. We are looking for four European partners with the features described above to identify an“incubator of local participation” in the five districts of reference as venue of the project: (for example: Italy, Rome, Municipality XI, district of Garbatella, Casetta Rossa). The characteristics of the incubator of participation should be: a non-profit place of public participation; a place directly managed by the participants with decions-making functions; a place to promote free cultural and social initiatives in favour of local citizens.